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Day 2: Feeling like a new woman

I’m amazed that I didn’t fall asleep getting my hair cut as it was one of those days.  Mommy mode kicked in at 6 a.m per usual, followed by a moaning/groaning 3 year old who was sick (understandable).  Yet, I was able to make it to my hair appointment this past Thursday (great thanks to my mom).  I got my hair cut and styled by Carol at Salon San Filippo in Orlando.  I can always count on Carol for the best care and she takes the time to make sure customers leave happy.  I always feel like a new woman when I get my hair cut and styled by Carol.  Check out my photo below.   The web-link to this salon’s website is here:


This mom is ready to take on the world of film, music and writing.  Sometimes as an artist it can feel lonely, especially when you aren’t surrounded by artists or as many creative people.  Even though I have a loving family who has always supported me and close friendships; being an artist is unique to the typical 9-5 job.  It is unique because people don’t say, ” Hey when you grow up, become a musician, sing your heart out, be on your own music video.”  What most people say is ” Go to college, get a degree and become a teacher, lawyer or doctor.” Please don’t get me wrong, I am surrounded by attorneys (family and friends whom I love and respect).  I just want to shed light on the fact that sometimes artists need artists and that is okay.  Artists are often resilient because they face obstacles as they lunge forward on a non traditional path to discovering their creative best.  There is great reward in doing so though, in my opinion.

Yet it’s no easy breezy walk in the park.  This is why I have learned to become my own cheerleader.  Sometimes the cheers work, and sometimes they don’t.  I look to my family and friends to lean on when needed.  As my daughter says, ” I’m only human”.

Go Momma, Go!