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Visualizing Success

I made the realization a few weeks ago that I need a visual way to track my progress with goal setting.  And this momma wants to feel rewarded more often for all the hard work.  I’m not talking about money, although that would be nice too.  I would like to find small ways to reward myself along this creative journey, in order to keep the momentum going.

It is tough to work really hard as an artist and to see little financial gain.  So instead of worrying with numbers, there are other ways to feel rewarded.  I’m on a search to find the best online tool for artists which will allow them to see their goals, track the progress and to feel rewarded.

These are the ones I found at first…

Trello-  You can create boards with goals on it.  It just seems more complicated then it needs to be.

Lift-  This site seems helpful for tracking health goals and the traditional “to do” list.

But I want a “done” list, not a “to do” list.  My positive self talk kicked in and I kept saying, there has to be a more exciting way to track progress.  And then BAM!

Low and behold, allow me to introduce…

Mindbloom- This site has everything I dreamed of.  And I am not being paid to advertise this company FYI, although that would be nice. Check out the link below and allow your mind to bloom.

Go Momma, Go!



A Thousand Years and counting…

I asked Olivia tonight at dinner, ” Do you like spending more time with mommy?”

Liv stated with sheer joy, ” Everyday for a thousand years I’m going to stay with you.”

Another heart warming moment.  I can’t get enough of these precious memories.

I’m letting go of the guilt of being a working entrepreneur and rejoicing in the extra time Liv and I get to spend together, since we moved her from full time to part time preschool.

We optimize our extra days and I’m feeling like my old self again- free spirited.

Nothing like a toddler to bring the joy and care free existence of childhood back.

Go Momma, Go!



Watch This!

Oh how I missed you dear, blog.  We have a love/hate relationship at times.  We are in love most days as long as I keep my posts to a minimum in verbiage, otherwise I get bored.

Sorry about my delay in writing to you.  I am in the midst of a huge transition from a condo to a home and an overall life change.  So forgive me!

I will no longer be posting the number of days in the subject line of my blogs, as I lose track sometimes.

Watch This!!! Our three year old shouted these two beautiful words last night as she showed us her latest dance moves.  We giggled with joy and all the stress of moving faded away.  

I learned something about myself too.  I can actually create music by hearing notes, rather than reading textbooks.  It was an epiphany! (more blogging later today!)

Go Momma, Go!



Day 11-12: Fell Asleep Again

I had every good intention to write to you yesterday evening and then…ZZZZZ…. That happened! I fell asleep while rubbing my three year olds back.

I’m actually thankful for this as I woke up refreshed.  Momma actually got at least 7-8 hours of sleep.

I’ve decided after further contemplation about my blog, to keep my posts simple and brief.

I get bored sometimes just re-reading the paragraphs I write.  I don’t want people to stop reading because they are too long.  Also I appreciate the simple things in life, which is one reason I was drawn to the template I used for this blog.  And I’ve got to be honest, I  need any time I can get to play with our three year old and to work on completing my creative projects.  I don’t feel that people really want to read lengthy stories.

From now on I will summarize this mom’s journey through entrepreneurship with a few sentences or words.  (Okay obviously, this blog post doesn’t count as I needed to explain my intentions.)  Cheers to all the mothers out there who are full speed ahead building a life as a mom and an entrepreneur. It ain’t easy but someone’s gotta do it! =)

Go Momma, Go!!!





Day 9: Steal my heart

Olivia steals my heart over and over again. She stole my heart from the moment she was born.  It was really tough to leave her and start working full time over a year ago.  I went through a grieving process as I missed our time.  Although I was working, I made sure to spend quality time with Liv and found comfort in knowing that the time we did have with one another was a lot of fun, with so much love.

So here I am, after giving notice regarding the position I held at UCF.  I am relieved because I get to spend more hours and days with Liv. However, I am also in the process of pursuing a career as an entrepreneur with my creative dreams.

Although I know I am doing the right thing and it feels good; I struggle at times with guilt and sadness.  I want the best of both worlds: to be a mom and an entrepreneur.  I’m working on achieving just that.  In the meantime, while building a career; mixed emotions surface.  Why do moms feel so much guilt?

Just when I think I have let go of the guilt, it comes back.  The truth is our daughter enjoys her time at preschool, is happy and healthy.  I’m the one having a hard time letting go.  She is growing up.

During an afternoon car ride, Olivia looked over at me and stated in a matter of fact way, ” Thank you for helping me learn to cycle. I couldn’t have done it without you.”  And then she said, ” I love you sweetheart.  You’re my sweet girl.”  Our girl seems to be 3 going on 33.

Go Momma, Go!



Day 8: Packing and moving

It’s really tough to say goodbye to the walls we have known for the past two years.  It is always difficult to make a transition.  We lived in a condo.  It is small but cozy and warm.  I remind myself that these walls are only walls without the life and spirit of family.  We tell our Olivia that everything will be taken with us to the new place.  She asked us, “Will I go?” Ofcourse! I replied.  “Will the kitchen go?”  Well not exactly, but the things in the kitchen will come with us.  “Will you go?”  Ofcourse, honey I would never leave you.  And on and on, she asks many questions. And we love her for it.

This evening on our way back to our condo, Olivia said, ” Daddy, do you want to do an icebucket challenge?” My husband then informed Liv that it is too cold outside for the ice bucket challenge.  She then affirmed, ” After this day!”  with her usual bubbly tone.  She cracks us up and these are the moments I hold so dear to my heart. (Olivia will never forget when we completed the ice bucket challenge months ago)

Her ice bucket question, got me thinking…My husband and I started giving backpacks, blankets and bottles to individuals who are homeless, when we lived in Tampa, a few years back.  We named this initiative, “The Three B’s: Backpacks, Blankets and Bottles.”  It felt so amazing to give out a backpack each and every time.  There were smiles, tears, silence and gratitude.  To give selflessly is worth more than money can buy.  We want to get the 3 B’s started in Central Florida.

As of today, I will be posting a page regarding this initiative.  Keep a look out, as I will be adding information in the near future regarding how you can get involved and/or donate.  Our next stop will be donating the 3B’s to UCF’s Knights helping Knights Food Pantry.  As an alumni to UCF and former staff member; I feel drawn to this cause.  Check out how you can support this food pantry at

To all the momma’s out there; I hope you are having a weekend filled with love, joy, and gratitude. 

Go Momma, Go!





Day 7: Off to class!

Momma slept last night! Allow me to clarify… I woke up 1-2 times in the night but remained in our bedroom. My husband was on toddler duty overnight (thank you babe).  He brought Olivia to us when she woke up from a nightmare, so mommy could get enough rest to make it through class today.

I am here at UCF and very excited.  This joy is endless.  Nothing will get in my way, not even my own insecurities.  Not this time.  No, this time is different.  I was nervous when I auditioned for American Idol twice, and I was excited and fearful when I recorded my first demo in Nashville.  The committment and determination has always been there.

Yet, I feel this time around is different.  I’m older, wiser due to experiences (some wanted and unwanted).  I’m a mom.  The momma bear in my has come out.  I know what I want more now than ever before.  I’m going to study film documentary in a workshop class in less than thirty minutes.  During my the first class, last week, I got goose bumps, and felt tingling in my entire body.  I sat on the edge of my seat, wanting to make my documentary, like yesterday!

This is it. The time is now. There is a lot of work ahead with this class and I will continue to juggle balancing life as mom and entrepreneur.  This momma is determined more than ever before, to push forward.

Go Momma, Go!




Day 5 and 6: Got Sleep?

I always have good intention to publish my blog post by the end of each day.  Mommy-hood has taught me to be more flexible in my schedule and to be prepared for the unexpected.

Last night prior to the usual bed time routine for Liv, I told myself, don’t fall asleep in there.  Come on Kim, stay awake. I pinched my cheeks and about five books later, the exhaustion swept over me like a tidal wave sinking me lower and lower into ‘la la land’. What I really needed was sleep but my stubborn will persisted. Stay awake and remember to post your blog.

I put Liv to bed, laying next to her. In a moment, I was out. Woke up at midnight. Crap! I’ve got to sneak out so she doesn’t hear me. I managed to make it to my room but struggled to fall back asleep.

Mommy! Mommy! Mommy! Liv cried out.

I don’t know how I get to Olivia so fast but I do, every time. It must have been 5 a.m. but lights were not dim enough in the room to tell.

It’s mommy, I’m here. Night night.

Nights have been restless and interrupted lately.  Today I found myself tempted to nod off while paused at a stop sign.  This was a wake up call and thankfully I caught myself from doing just that. And no family members were in the car.  But still, I was in the car.   I have gotta find a way to get more rest and relaxation while being a mommapreneur.  The thing is most mothers can count on a good cup of coffee or tea to get through the day.  Caffeine only makes my heart happy with jumping, quick beats which can get to an unhealthy speed.  Therefore, I am supposed to abstain from caffeine.  Small doses of tea tend to help get me through, in proportion.  What helps the most is excercise and well, sleep.

On a brighter note, I saw Liv for the first time dance as a ballerina in a pre-ballet class this afternoon.  Tears welled up in my eyes with pride for our sweet girl in her first class.  And I finished my homework for Documentary Film class!

Now if only I can get some sleep tonight…



Day 4: Birthday

Today marks my 33rd birthday and my 4th blog post on  Number 4 is also my lucky number.

Have you ever read the book “ Blueberry Girl” by Neil Caiman and Illustrated by Charles Vess?  If not, I suggest you do- especially if you have a young child.

Here is a sample from book:

“Help her to help herself, help her to stand. Help her to lose and find. Teach her we’re only as big as our dreams. Show her that fortune is blind.” “Truth is a thing she must find for herself, precious and rare as a pearl” “Give her all these and a little bit more: Gifts for a blueberry girl.”

I’m 33 today and what I really want is to continue to be a role model to our 3 year old.  At Whole Foods a few days ago, Liv turned to me and said “How old are you mommy?”  I said I am 3 plus 3= 33.  She replied “Momma, you are three like me!” I said, “Sure honey, something like that.”

Go Momma, Go!



Day 3: Momma’s time to chill…

My husband surprised me with a gift that has kept me smiling all day…treatments at the Spa at Riverview in New Symrna Beach.

Momma needed some R&R!  Today brought clarity; I need to incorporate more yoga and meditation on a regular basis. Today I had an Oasis Massage and I literally felt like I died and went to heaven. It’s crazy to imagine that the use of hot lava stones is an ancient practice, dating back thousands of years ago.  As relaxing as the services were today, I found it difficult to get the chatter in my mind to halt.  My thoughts drifted to the vision I have to become a successful mommapreneur.  I’m on my way to achieving this yet my impatience sometimes gets the best of me.

I never doubt that I have the drive to make things happen. Yet, I’m so driven that sometimes I need to learn to take breaks on this road trip called life.  Breaks are crucial as a mommapreneur in order to recharge.  The fuel is priceless because I could fill up on this high of doing what I love 24/7 but the exhaustion always kicks in, if I don’t take care of myself.

My wish this year and each year after is for some peace of mind and completion on artistic projects that are brewing. I wish that for you also as you…

Go Momma, Go!