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Watch This!

Oh how I missed you dear, blog.  We have a love/hate relationship at times.  We are in love most days as long as I keep my posts to a minimum in verbiage, otherwise I get bored.

Sorry about my delay in writing to you.  I am in the midst of a huge transition from a condo to a home and an overall life change.  So forgive me!

I will no longer be posting the number of days in the subject line of my blogs, as I lose track sometimes.

Watch This!!! Our three year old shouted these two beautiful words last night as she showed us her latest dance moves.  We giggled with joy and all the stress of moving faded away.  

I learned something about myself too.  I can actually create music by hearing notes, rather than reading textbooks.  It was an epiphany! (more blogging later today!)

Go Momma, Go!