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Day 1: Go Momma, Go!

I wanted last night to be my first blog post.  I had all good intentions.  It was my last day working as an Access Consultant at UCF Student Disability Services and my first day of documentary workshop class at UCF.  But even more so, it was the first day on a new journey.  The quest to become a momma preneur has officially began.  I have been planning for this day for years now.  It has finally come.

“Momma! Momma!” I hear faint crying and I assumed it sounded like a child, not mine. “Mommy!!!!!” the crying grew louder. “Olivia, I’m coming. Mommy is coming!!!” my toes missed the bamboo floor like a ballerina in mid air.  I figure the faster I fly the less pain.  The agony of hearing our 3 year old cry is unbearable. I’m there in a flash with my ballerina moves.

Mommapreneurship blog must wait until morning.

So here I am the morning after, posting about being a mom and entrepreneur.  The mantra I keep repeating is this “Go Momma, Go!”  My daughter just gave me her fairy wings. “One for you mommy! Let’s be fairies together.”  Life is good.  I love her so much.