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Finding my tribe…

It has been a whirlwind.

My emotions were high, then low and now somewhere in between.

This last week, an unease grew, that I couldn’t quite figure out.

Thanks to my mom, some much needed girl talk and tears, we figured it out.

Everyone wants to be included (to belong), to be a part of a “tribe” of people, they feel connected to.

I have wonderful friends, many of whom are creative.  However, most of them live out of town.

I’m longing to meet artists and to be surrounded by that energy.

There is a difference between being creative and needing to create.

I have a desire to create things 24/7, often get bored and wish I could find these people, who feel the same way.

I’m on a journey searching for something, somewhere.  Just haven’t quite found it yet.

Despite this constant frustration, I’m happy with who I am.  I love my family and they love me back.

My toddler and I explore our imaginations on a regular basis.

I feel lucky to have a supporting team of family and friends.

But there is just something missing.

And so the search continues to find a tribe of artists.

Go Momma, Go!