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Visualizing Success

I made the realization a few weeks ago that I need a visual way to track my progress with goal setting.  And this momma wants to feel rewarded more often for all the hard work.  I’m not talking about money, although that would be nice too.  I would like to find small ways to reward myself along this creative journey, in order to keep the momentum going.

It is tough to work really hard as an artist and to see little financial gain.  So instead of worrying with numbers, there are other ways to feel rewarded.  I’m on a search to find the best online tool for artists which will allow them to see their goals, track the progress and to feel rewarded.

These are the ones I found at first…

Trello-  You can create boards with goals on it.  It just seems more complicated then it needs to be.

Lift-  This site seems helpful for tracking health goals and the traditional “to do” list.

But I want a “done” list, not a “to do” list.  My positive self talk kicked in and I kept saying, there has to be a more exciting way to track progress.  And then BAM!

Low and behold, allow me to introduce…

Mindbloom- This site has everything I dreamed of.  And I am not being paid to advertise this company FYI, although that would be nice. Check out the link below and allow your mind to bloom.

Go Momma, Go!