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Visualizing Success

I made the realization a few weeks ago that I need a visual way to track my progress with goal setting.  And this momma wants to feel rewarded more often for all the hard work.  I’m not talking about money, although that would be nice too.  I would like to find small ways to reward myself along this creative journey, in order to keep the momentum going.

It is tough to work really hard as an artist and to see little financial gain.  So instead of worrying with numbers, there are other ways to feel rewarded.  I’m on a search to find the best online tool for artists which will allow them to see their goals, track the progress and to feel rewarded.

These are the ones I found at first…

Trello-  You can create boards with goals on it.  It just seems more complicated then it needs to be.

Lift-  This site seems helpful for tracking health goals and the traditional “to do” list.

But I want a “done” list, not a “to do” list.  My positive self talk kicked in and I kept saying, there has to be a more exciting way to track progress.  And then BAM!

Low and behold, allow me to introduce…

Mindbloom- This site has everything I dreamed of.  And I am not being paid to advertise this company FYI, although that would be nice. Check out the link below and allow your mind to bloom.

Go Momma, Go!



Finding my tribe…

It has been a whirlwind.

My emotions were high, then low and now somewhere in between.

This last week, an unease grew, that I couldn’t quite figure out.

Thanks to my mom, some much needed girl talk and tears, we figured it out.

Everyone wants to be included (to belong), to be a part of a “tribe” of people, they feel connected to.

I have wonderful friends, many of whom are creative.  However, most of them live out of town.

I’m longing to meet artists and to be surrounded by that energy.

There is a difference between being creative and needing to create.

I have a desire to create things 24/7, often get bored and wish I could find these people, who feel the same way.

I’m on a journey searching for something, somewhere.  Just haven’t quite found it yet.

Despite this constant frustration, I’m happy with who I am.  I love my family and they love me back.

My toddler and I explore our imaginations on a regular basis.

I feel lucky to have a supporting team of family and friends.

But there is just something missing.

And so the search continues to find a tribe of artists.

Go Momma, Go!






Day 3: Momma’s time to chill…

My husband surprised me with a gift that has kept me smiling all day…treatments at the Spa at Riverview in New Symrna Beach.

Momma needed some R&R!  Today brought clarity; I need to incorporate more yoga and meditation on a regular basis. Today I had an Oasis Massage and I literally felt like I died and went to heaven. It’s crazy to imagine that the use of hot lava stones is an ancient practice, dating back thousands of years ago.  As relaxing as the services were today, I found it difficult to get the chatter in my mind to halt.  My thoughts drifted to the vision I have to become a successful mommapreneur.  I’m on my way to achieving this yet my impatience sometimes gets the best of me.

I never doubt that I have the drive to make things happen. Yet, I’m so driven that sometimes I need to learn to take breaks on this road trip called life.  Breaks are crucial as a mommapreneur in order to recharge.  The fuel is priceless because I could fill up on this high of doing what I love 24/7 but the exhaustion always kicks in, if I don’t take care of myself.

My wish this year and each year after is for some peace of mind and completion on artistic projects that are brewing. I wish that for you also as you…

Go Momma, Go!




Day 2: Feeling like a new woman

I’m amazed that I didn’t fall asleep getting my hair cut as it was one of those days.  Mommy mode kicked in at 6 a.m per usual, followed by a moaning/groaning 3 year old who was sick (understandable).  Yet, I was able to make it to my hair appointment this past Thursday (great thanks to my mom).  I got my hair cut and styled by Carol at Salon San Filippo in Orlando.  I can always count on Carol for the best care and she takes the time to make sure customers leave happy.  I always feel like a new woman when I get my hair cut and styled by Carol.  Check out my photo below.   The web-link to this salon’s website is here:


This mom is ready to take on the world of film, music and writing.  Sometimes as an artist it can feel lonely, especially when you aren’t surrounded by artists or as many creative people.  Even though I have a loving family who has always supported me and close friendships; being an artist is unique to the typical 9-5 job.  It is unique because people don’t say, ” Hey when you grow up, become a musician, sing your heart out, be on your own music video.”  What most people say is ” Go to college, get a degree and become a teacher, lawyer or doctor.” Please don’t get me wrong, I am surrounded by attorneys (family and friends whom I love and respect).  I just want to shed light on the fact that sometimes artists need artists and that is okay.  Artists are often resilient because they face obstacles as they lunge forward on a non traditional path to discovering their creative best.  There is great reward in doing so though, in my opinion.

Yet it’s no easy breezy walk in the park.  This is why I have learned to become my own cheerleader.  Sometimes the cheers work, and sometimes they don’t.  I look to my family and friends to lean on when needed.  As my daughter says, ” I’m only human”.

Go Momma, Go!