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Accessible Books for Children, LLC

The little electrons in my brain have been swirling and whirling around for the past few years with creative over flow.  I have always known there was something bigger I was meant to do.  My joy for music and acting pushed me to continue auditioning for local commercial spots, to take acting classes and to continue to write my own lyrics.  Although I found this to be thrilling; there was something missing.

What was missing? A sense of completion.  In 2015, I am all about completing projects I set out to do one by one.  There will be wiggle room for goofing off, working on 1-2 other creative projects, but my main focus and energy will be on one “baby” at a time. The baby of choice right now is my first book/book APP set to be published in 2015.  It is called My Little Cupcake.

The idea for this book/ book APP and series came about two years ago while being a stay at home mom. The ideas continued to flourish but the pieces weren’t all there.  I realized it’s possible to combine all of my interests into one idea.  My passion for music, writing, lyrics and advocacy could be combined.  In addition, the interactivity of an APP brings our subject to life, much like being on a stage acting.

I took a long pause from writing on this blog because I was in transition of a move and I had to muster up all the energy I had at the time to focus on My Little Cupcake. 

And last but not least I want to tell all the moms out there to never give up on their dreams, keep pushing…

Go Mommas, Go!