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Accessible Books for Children, LLC

The little electrons in my brain have been swirling and whirling around for the past few years with creative over flow.  I have always known there was something bigger I was meant to do.  My joy for music and acting pushed me to continue auditioning for local commercial spots, to take acting classes and to continue to write my own lyrics.  Although I found this to be thrilling; there was something missing.

What was missing? A sense of completion.  In 2015, I am all about completing projects I set out to do one by one.  There will be wiggle room for goofing off, working on 1-2 other creative projects, but my main focus and energy will be on one “baby” at a time. The baby of choice right now is my first book/book APP set to be published in 2015.  It is called My Little Cupcake.

The idea for this book/ book APP and series came about two years ago while being a stay at home mom. The ideas continued to flourish but the pieces weren’t all there.  I realized it’s possible to combine all of my interests into one idea.  My passion for music, writing, lyrics and advocacy could be combined.  In addition, the interactivity of an APP brings our subject to life, much like being on a stage acting.

I took a long pause from writing on this blog because I was in transition of a move and I had to muster up all the energy I had at the time to focus on My Little Cupcake. 

And last but not least I want to tell all the moms out there to never give up on their dreams, keep pushing…

Go Mommas, Go!


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Short Documentary Films and so much more…

I spent this last Spring semester learning about documentary film making. When I started a class at UCF taught by Dr. Lisa Mills, I had a vision of what making a short film would be like. I was ready to take on the world, so to speak. In fact I’m so ambitious that I asked to do extra work. My professor encouraged me to settle down a bit and enjoy the process. That is tough for me to do. I often want to jump in and have the attitude of lets achieve, achieve, achieve, without fully enjoying the experience and not rushing. I took her advice and began to calm myself while keeping a good pace and momentum going.

I didn’t realize the complexity of what would be ahead of me. Making a short film involved learning editing software, team scheduling, planning, paperwork and lots of patience. Halfway through the semester, I just about called it quits, but reminded myself of my personal goals and took more deep breaths. I began to really enjoy the smell of the trees, the lush greenery and vines, the wind, all while shooting footage for a process documentary. In fact by end of the semester I contemplated getting a degree such as an MFA in Film because I enjoyed the art of creating so much. Just this past week we turned in our final docs. I am so proud of my work, because I put so much time and heart into it. I cannot wait to continue creating short docs and using filming as a complement to singing and writing lyrics, along with as a tool for many creative projects.

Go Momma, Go!!!


Visualizing Success

I made the realization a few weeks ago that I need a visual way to track my progress with goal setting.  And this momma wants to feel rewarded more often for all the hard work.  I’m not talking about money, although that would be nice too.  I would like to find small ways to reward myself along this creative journey, in order to keep the momentum going.

It is tough to work really hard as an artist and to see little financial gain.  So instead of worrying with numbers, there are other ways to feel rewarded.  I’m on a search to find the best online tool for artists which will allow them to see their goals, track the progress and to feel rewarded.

These are the ones I found at first…

Trello-  You can create boards with goals on it.  It just seems more complicated then it needs to be.

Lift-  This site seems helpful for tracking health goals and the traditional “to do” list.

But I want a “done” list, not a “to do” list.  My positive self talk kicked in and I kept saying, there has to be a more exciting way to track progress.  And then BAM!

Low and behold, allow me to introduce…

Mindbloom- This site has everything I dreamed of.  And I am not being paid to advertise this company FYI, although that would be nice. Check out the link below and allow your mind to bloom.

Go Momma, Go!




I completed my 2nd short documentary through a documentary workshop class.  It was no easy feat as a mom and an entrepeneur balancing roles and learning to use editing software….but I did it!   I’m feeling grateful that I hung in there, even when I had serious doubts about my ability to complete the documentaries.  I’m growing and learning, that through facing one of my deepest fears head on… (feeling not good enough) that I too can flourish and be the best of me.

Looking forward to vacation now and time with my husband and toddler.  Here we come Mickey Mouse and warmer weather! =)

Go Momma, Go!




Finding my tribe…

It has been a whirlwind.

My emotions were high, then low and now somewhere in between.

This last week, an unease grew, that I couldn’t quite figure out.

Thanks to my mom, some much needed girl talk and tears, we figured it out.

Everyone wants to be included (to belong), to be a part of a “tribe” of people, they feel connected to.

I have wonderful friends, many of whom are creative.  However, most of them live out of town.

I’m longing to meet artists and to be surrounded by that energy.

There is a difference between being creative and needing to create.

I have a desire to create things 24/7, often get bored and wish I could find these people, who feel the same way.

I’m on a journey searching for something, somewhere.  Just haven’t quite found it yet.

Despite this constant frustration, I’m happy with who I am.  I love my family and they love me back.

My toddler and I explore our imaginations on a regular basis.

I feel lucky to have a supporting team of family and friends.

But there is just something missing.

And so the search continues to find a tribe of artists.

Go Momma, Go!







Love, Love, Love, Love, Love

Happy Valentine’s day “to be” everyone.  (Tommorow is Valentine’s Day).

It’s really about loving others, loving one self, and recognizing gratitude everywhere.

This is what Valentine’s Day means to me.

I’m feeling empowered.

I can do this.  I can be a mom and an entrepreneur.

My role of mom does not define the whole of me.

It is a huge part of my life, that I treasure more than anything

But I am so much more than my role or any role for that matter.

I embrace the unknown, the journey ahead.

I am grateful for my role as mother and feel fortunate

As my daughter gives me life.

I can’t imagine a world without her.


Go Momma, Go!!!



It’s Tough

Dear Blog,

I missed you! But not enough to lose my long weekend to you.  I got to spend quality time with my little miss sunshine.  And let me tell you she has been more content since Liv is having more bonding time with mommy.

As a mom and an entrepreneur, it’s really tough.  There is tough love as a mom and the role of entrepreneur is so much fun but also really tough.  I’m going to be very honest with you in this blog, not holding back my emotions or thoughts.  As an entrepreneur, you must advocate for your interest/your cause.  But when you are a creative person, it seems that you must advocate even more.

Although creativity draws people and many individuals are creative; there seems to be a disparity in the perception of having a creative hobby versus making this hobby a profession.

The funny thing is most people feel youthful, energized and have “ah ha” moments simply by picking up coloring or paint supplies and making something.  I want to have the “ah ha” moments a majority of the time.

Okay that is enough babble for me today.  My brain is overloaded as we are still transitioning to new home and so much out of order.  More later gator!

Go Momma, Go!



A Thousand Years and counting…

I asked Olivia tonight at dinner, ” Do you like spending more time with mommy?”

Liv stated with sheer joy, ” Everyday for a thousand years I’m going to stay with you.”

Another heart warming moment.  I can’t get enough of these precious memories.

I’m letting go of the guilt of being a working entrepreneur and rejoicing in the extra time Liv and I get to spend together, since we moved her from full time to part time preschool.

We optimize our extra days and I’m feeling like my old self again- free spirited.

Nothing like a toddler to bring the joy and care free existence of childhood back.

Go Momma, Go!



Watch This!

Oh how I missed you dear, blog.  We have a love/hate relationship at times.  We are in love most days as long as I keep my posts to a minimum in verbiage, otherwise I get bored.

Sorry about my delay in writing to you.  I am in the midst of a huge transition from a condo to a home and an overall life change.  So forgive me!

I will no longer be posting the number of days in the subject line of my blogs, as I lose track sometimes.

Watch This!!! Our three year old shouted these two beautiful words last night as she showed us her latest dance moves.  We giggled with joy and all the stress of moving faded away.  

I learned something about myself too.  I can actually create music by hearing notes, rather than reading textbooks.  It was an epiphany! (more blogging later today!)

Go Momma, Go!



Day 11-12: Fell Asleep Again

I had every good intention to write to you yesterday evening and then…ZZZZZ…. That happened! I fell asleep while rubbing my three year olds back.

I’m actually thankful for this as I woke up refreshed.  Momma actually got at least 7-8 hours of sleep.

I’ve decided after further contemplation about my blog, to keep my posts simple and brief.

I get bored sometimes just re-reading the paragraphs I write.  I don’t want people to stop reading because they are too long.  Also I appreciate the simple things in life, which is one reason I was drawn to the template I used for this blog.  And I’ve got to be honest, I  need any time I can get to play with our three year old and to work on completing my creative projects.  I don’t feel that people really want to read lengthy stories.

From now on I will summarize this mom’s journey through entrepreneurship with a few sentences or words.  (Okay obviously, this blog post doesn’t count as I needed to explain my intentions.)  Cheers to all the mothers out there who are full speed ahead building a life as a mom and an entrepreneur. It ain’t easy but someone’s gotta do it! =)

Go Momma, Go!!!